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Unhappy With Your Drinking?

You may be reluctant to seek advice regarding your drinking. You reason that you are not a 'real' alcoholic because you don't drink first thing in the morning, you still hold down a responsible job and you are not sitting on a park bench drinking meths or cheap cider!

However, if you are in any way concerned about your use of alcohol e.g. the quantities you drink, the way in which you use it, or the consequences of ever-increasing drinking binges, it is not too early to start asking yourself questions, and better still, seeking some professional advice.

Since starting our Day Care Programme, we have been greatly encouraged by the growing numbers of people coming for help at a relatively early stage in their drinking career. Whilst many of our clients acknowledge that, for them, total abstinence must be their ultimate goal, others may well be experiencing a good deal of ambivalence and confusion around what changes need to be made.

If you decide that, at this stage total abstinence is not for you, you may still attend an agreed programme here provided you are alcohol-free on any day of attendance and that you remain committed to making positive changes in the ways in which you use alcohol.

Do You Have A Problem?

How can you tell whether you or someone close to you may have a drinking problem? The questions below can help:

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions it is highly likely that a problem exists. You may be developing alcohol dependence if you:

Alcohol Detoxification

Please note that we are unable to provide alcohol detoxification at 9 Oxford Road. If you feel that you may be physically dependent on alcohol (see below) or are unsure, you should contact North Essex Drug and Alcohol Service (NEEDAS) in the first instance. It can be dangerous to stop drinking without medical support.

You may be physically dependent on alcohol if you can say yes to any of the following: